Helps you manage your most important asset: YOUR STAFF

From spearheading Digital Engagement initiatives to facilitating completely new business models, we drive digital business forward in these key segments.


Employee Manager SI2.0 allows small businesses to manage their most important asset; their staff. Keep track of employee information, salary history, benefit information, un/paid time off and more!

  • Manage your employee personal and business information
  • Track employee performance reviews and compensation history
  • Maintain employee growth and store position-related data

Small businesses can move away from Excel, Access or other home grown tools and manage employees the right way….with Employee Manager. Employee Manager allows HR administrators to effectively track all personal and business information about employees.

  • Department & Designations
  • System Administration
  • Employee Details
  • Job Openings & Applications
  • Attendance & Awards
  • Holiday & Announcements
  • Payroll & Leave
  • Multi Level Login
  • Private Messaging
  • SMS API Integrated
  • Notice Board